Meet The Band

Jerry 'The Boss' Brennan

As a massive Bruce Springsteen fan and sucker for the fine details, 'The Boss' Brennan 'leaves it all on stage' with highly energetic performances and heartfelt vocals just like the man himself.

A 20 year veteran of the live London venue and U.K wedding circuit have helped him hone his craft to deliver performances the crowd can relate to and more importantly participate in.

From poignant classics such as 'The River' and 'Racing In The Street' to powerful rockers like 'Born In The USA' and 'Born To Run', you'll be blown away by our very own 'Springsteen'.

Micky 'The Tallent' Hegarty

A solid rhythm section is essential for any live music experience. None more so than when emulating the wall of sound made famous by The E Street Band themselves and Micky 'Tallent' doesn't disappoint.

With 20 years behind him as a bass thumping journeyman, an eye for detail and solid, punchy, groove laden bass lines mean 'Spirit of Springsteen' can guarantee the audience will 'feel' the music.

Sam 'Weinberg' Whitehouse

As a 6 year old, 'Weinberg' Whitehouse would stomp around his childhood home to his father's 'Born In The USA' record. Songs such as 'No Surrender', 'I'm Going Down' and 'My Hometown' gave him his first insight into multi dimensional songwriting and he never forgot those early days as he played his way through the bars and clubs of England's South coast.

The sheer power and impact of Max Weinberg's drumming can be heard in everything he plays and his versatility and knowledge of Bruce Springsteen's music means he nails both Weinberg's later work and the earlier drumming of Vini 'Mad Dog' Lopez and Ernest 'Boom' Carter.

Kevin 'Federici' Beechey

Our very own 'Federici' Beechey is everything a Bruce Springsteen tribute band need. A multi talented, multi instrumentalist who helps sculpt the 'E Street Sound' every time he hits the stage.

A 20 year veteran of the live music circuit his attention to detail is 2nd to none and his sweeping organ riffs and subtle synthesiser sounds allow 'Spirit of Springsteen' to reproduce every era of Bruce Springsteen's music from the 70's funk organs of 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) to the 80's synths of 'I'm On Fire' straight on through to the powerful horn sections of modern classics such as 'Wrecking Ball'. 

Hannah 'The Professor' Denchfield

'The Professor' is just that! Born and raised on a strict diet of Bruce Springsteen and classical piano she delivers a potent mix of 'Honky-tonk' and Rock 'n' Roll piano mixed perfectly with the intricacies of the classical greats.

From the moment she played those first spine tingling notes of 'Jungleland', 'Backstreets' and 'Thunder Road' we knew we had the final piece of the 'Springsteen' puzzle.

It took us a long time to find her and now we have we ain't letting him go!


Josh 'Clarence' Munro

Where would the E Street Band be without the Saxophone?

A seasoned veteran of the show-band & live festival circuit our very own 'Clarence' Munro always aims to knock 'em dead.

Josh blows his horn pretty hard! Maybe even as hard as the late, great Clarence Clemons himself! Driving & weaving those soulful notes into the atmosphere and recreating the Jersey Shore sound. Come prepared to stomp your feet to the hot, rasping stabs of 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)' and prepare for goosebumps during the epic, heart wrenching solo of 'Jungleland' and give it up for 'Clarence' Munro.